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Welcome to TRACY on Language!

Posted on: March 11, 2009

This is Tracy. I know a total of one language at the moment (English). I can read some Spanish and understand some spoken Spanish after 8 months or so of not so serious study mixed in with some serious study. But that’s not much in my eyes.

My goal is to become fluent enough in French and eventually Portuguese (and maybe Spanish) that I can do translating and conversing. I love studying languages of all types and I hope, through many forms of learning, that this will give me a chance to communicate with people around the world and open up opportunities a regular engineer would never have.

Oh yes, I have an engineering degree, which is why I never took any language in college (no time!!) and I only took two years of German in high school (which means I know “ich” and that’s about it). It’s also why I’m interested in Portuguese, since the petroleum industry (my industry) has quite a bit of Angola operations and South American business. But it’s also such a beautiful language. You should really listen to it if you haven’t yet.

French is my current goal since I wanted a buffer between Spanish and Portuguese, and French has similar sounds as Portuguese. French is also such a beautiful language that it makes for a good excuse! My goal here is to have a rockin’ accent and awesome grammar skills. I’d love to take French to the “advanced fluency” level, whatever that means.

This site is for me to muse on things language since my husband likely tires of my endless chattering on the subject :-). It is also for me to take notes on sentences, save links, and share interesting findings between languages and within languages.

Please do comment and please do enjoy!


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